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Standard legal plans

Don’t waste time on research. Our lawyers will help you pick one of our market standard plans that fits your business like a glove. Affordable, fast, bullet-proof.

ESOP pool allocation

Don’t give too much, don’t give too little. We’ll design your ESOP pool so that you can give competitive grants to current employees and plan future grants based on your business strategy and hiring plans. Result? A futureproof ESOP.

Employee portal

Don’t tell your employees ESOP is great, show them. Our ESOP management platform lets your employees visualize the value of their portfolio based on your company valuation. In return, you’ll get a team of dedicated co-owners.

ESOP management platform

Don’t lose time on managing complex spreadsheets. Create new awards, handle leavers, exercise options and more with our ESOP management platform designed for European founders. Maximize value, minimize effort.

Tailor-made processes

You need a tool that fits your day-to-day. With our ESOP management platform, you can build custom processes tailored to your internal workflows. No need to compromise.

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