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Every startup dreams of becoming a unicorn but it’s no easy feat. Get inspiration for how to navigate your next investment round from our newest Czech unicorn, Mews.

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From start-up to unicorn: Mews’ success story

About Mews

Mews is the industry-leading hospitality cloud, revolutionizing the way people travel and enjoy hotels today. Located in the Netherlands, Mews has 800+ employees spread across 20 countries.

Following a year of impressive growth, Mews secured $110m in new funds, reaching a $1.2bn valuation. The investment was led by Kinnevik and supported by Revaia, Goldman Sachs Alternatives, Notion Capital and LGVP.

About the investment

As most Series C+ rounds, this was a complex transaction featuring multiple investors and legal counsels spread across Europe and the US. This created the need for an experienced leading counsel who would manage the investment round efficiently.

In a transaction like this, there’s several steps you can take to make things run smoother. First, calculate, consolidate and communicate your cap table to the investors to avoid unpleasant surprises. Second, carry out a compliance check before the actual due diligence to speed up the process. Third, choose a counsel who will run the transaction like an experienced project manager.

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For the past 10 years, Eldison has been an invaluable legal partner to us, showcasing unmatched expertise and commitment. Their crucial support in navigating the complex, international legal landscape enabled the successful closure of our latest funding round. Their team's strategic guidance and attention to detail have been instrumental in our growth and success. We highly recommend Eldison for their exceptional legal services and dedication to client success.


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