One platform, all your ESOP needs

Implement and manage your ESOP in a single platform.
It's faster, cheaper and legal-proof.

Pool allocation
Built-in legal documents
Team communication
Digital signing
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Build and manage a future-proof ESOP with Eldison.
Easy setup, digital signing, standard legal documents
and portfolio tracking all in one.

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Standard legal documents

Build a solid ESOP. Rely on our built-in market standard documents designed for humans.

ESOP pool allocation

Make your ESOP future-proof. Plan your ESOP to make your current and future employees happy.

Digital processes & signing

Go paperless. Make awards, handle leavers or exercise options directly from our app and seal the deal with an e-signature.

HR systems integration

Don’t double your work. Save time on managing newcomers and leavers and let the integration do it for you.

Flexible award templates

Enjoy the best of both worlds. Generate awards within minutes with our templates but keep the flexibility to make custom awards.

Employee dashboard

Keep your team invested, literally. Help your people understand the power of ESOP by showing them the current and future value of their portfolio.

Designed for

Companies without ESOP

Automatic plan matching
Pool allocation
Built-in legal documents
Visualization of portfolio value

Companies with active ESOP

Integration with HR systems
In-app team communication
Electronic exercise
ESOP best practices

Why our customers love us?

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"Thanks to Eldison’s platform, we were able to set up a company-wide employee equity plan incredibly fast. Our PeopleOps team are able to make new awards with just a few clicks, which saves them tons of time. The platform has given us all peace of mind that all the transactions are accurately recorded and accessible to participants."

Viktor Vanek

Founder of Cloudtalk

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Our platform helps

Talent & finance teams

  • Make competitive offers to your candidates
  • Issue new shares within minutes
  • Have complete control over your ESOP pool


  • Track current and future value of your ESOP portfolio
  • Sign documents and manage your portfolio from anywhere
  • Understand ESOP with our human-friendly library


  • Implement market-standard ESOP without lawyers
  • Promote ownership culture through portfolio visualization
  • Plan ESOP allocation based on your company’s goals

Why ESOP with Eldison?

Plan matching based on company profile
Multiple plans with international applicability
Legal-proof & easy-to-understand documents
ESOP pool allocation assistance
Robust ESOP resources & workshops for your team
Premium legal support from our Eldison Legal experts
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