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Our origin story

We started our journey back in 2014, as a legal team supporting an evergreen venture capital firm and its portfolio companies (tech start-ups and scale-ups from CEE). We knew the companies inside and out and we understood where their business needed to go.

This brought us closer and closer to our clients, until we essentially became their extended ‘legal arm’. We applied this model successfully to other companies, until we decided it was time to create our own business.

A crucial turning point came once our clients started scaling, as we realized that the best legal practices were no longer enough: we had to evolve beyond just legal.

That’s when we turned to process optimization and technology. For example, our customers often struggled with an outdated contracting process. We combined contract management software and an improved contracting workflow to deliver more transparency and accelerate sales. Our customers were happy and we knew we were onto something.

We also started experimenting with our own technology. We needed to streamline the operation of our customer’s ESOPs because we were spending far too much time on routine tasks. We looked into existing solutions, but none were flexible enough for the European market. Finally, we decided to build our own platform. Again, this brought results.

This journey gradually transformed us from a traditional law firm into a hub of legal and technology expertise. We learned that we’re in the legal business to help meaningful projects grow and that we can do this best if we take a page from our customers’ book and focus on technology. To tell this story, we decided to create Eldison.

Our mission

We want to change how legal is done, with the help of technology. We want to combine our own technology platform with high value-added legal services to equip our customers with all the necessary data to manage most of their legal processes. From employee motivation and vendor management to compliance and contracting process optimization, our legal cloud will have it all. This way, we can reinvent legal as a powerful asset for any growing company.

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Our values


Live outside of your comfort zone

Our business model  is built on curiosity, exploration, and breaking the barrier between legal and tech, allowing us to face the unknown with a can-do attitude. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it certainly won’t stop Eldison from solving old (and new) problems.


Show character

Having backbone is a must in our industry and we take it very seriously. Integrity at Eldison means stepping away from a suspicious deal, always playing fair and being an honest and transparent partner to both our customers and employees.

Customer focus

Keep your customers close

Eldison’s success is interconnected with our customers’ success. This means that keeping close to our clients is not only a nice-to-have, it is a vital part of our philosophy. We also know that legal can be intimidating and technical, so we make sure to speak the same language as you.

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